An Embarrassing Secret...

Good afternoon, my darlings... no, no, nothing is wrong... just same old me, doing the same old thing.

FINE!  I can't take it anymore!  I must reveal my secret shame.

I have full on Christmas MANIA.

It's sad and it's gross and I don't care.  Last year I was WAY too post-partem-depressey to be able to enjoy the full experience of a holiday with a child, but now I'm back and on more Prozac than ever and I see that have kids around the holidays is AWESOME.  You can buy EVERYTHING.  And it's fine and nobody can tell you to put it away because it is all for the kid.  Amazing.  Here's what Bink and I have done so far:
  • Made a Christmas card.  The background, anyway.  Now the only thing we need to do is take the cutest picture in the world of her in HER ELF HAT and we are golden.
  • Bought an elf hat.
  • Set the DVR to tape 23 Christmas movies on Lifetime, ABC Family and the Hallmark Channel this week.
  • Got a cookie press to make spritz cookies, my dream come true.
  • Bought ornaments and fabric glue to make even MORE ornaments!
  • Got millions of sparkly items to put all over the place so nothing is without cheer.
  • Strongarmed the husband into letting us decorate tonight instead of after Thanksgiving, which is really the appropriate time to start decorating, I know this.
  • Already listened to Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, which is the greatest holiday song of all time.  ALL TIME!
Now she is napping and I am preparing our next move.  Probably to go to the store to buy milk and FLOUR for my spritz cookies.  OMG I cannot wait.