Lovely day

Okay, so it's November, right?  Well, today it feels like spring.  It even smells like spring.  Heaven.  Though this does make total sense, as I just bought the best coat of all time and it arrived in the mail this weekend.  Believe me, I am not complaining (dude, yes I AM!) but it's going to be really weird tonight when Binks and I are dining al fresco in the pitch black.  Again, not that I am complaining.

Also, Greek salad from Panera.  For reals.

And get this.  I was hungover YESTERDAY from SATURDAY.  Can you even?  It is hard being old.  And sad.  The only thing getting me through is that Teen Wolf is playing pretty much nonstop on NBA Network now that there is no basketball.  It's no Teen Witch (because, well, obviously Teen Witch is the best ever and nothing can beat it.  Did I put that on my Bink Movie List?  If not, it needs to be on there, because how can she learn how to be cool otherwise, right?) but it's not bad.  Don't tell me you didn't have a weird crush on the dad.  I DID NOT!

Oh, Boof. Also, Boof.
And finally, a friend of mine is joining the gym with me tomorrow.  She intimated that she feared I'd be one of "those" girls who walks around with no pants on like it's no big deal and I am totally offended.  Why do those girls walk around naked at the gym?  Like, extra naked.  It's fine if you are changing, but come on.  Get a life.  And pants.

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  1. I just tweeted about Teen Wolf the other day: What kind of a freakin' name is BOOF?

    You're right about Teen Witch--nothing can "top that". :)