It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday! (On Monday, what?!)

Okay, my dears, it's time for the all-important weekly rundown of the coolest tertiary characters in the coolest show about high schoolers (if anyone thinks the original Degrassi is better, I will cut you, but then sort of agree.  But only because they had babies in the bathroom, didn't they?) in Southern California at Bayside High.

Today's character is...

Craterface Coburn!!

Ah, Craterface... where do we begin?  Craterface was known in many circles at Bayside High for having the worst skin ever, as well as the worst laugh ever.  Screech accidentally invented the world's greatest zit cream and in order to test its strength, they immediately call on dear old Craterface Coburn to test out the products.  Lo and behold, they work!  Craterface's face is as smooth as a baby's bottom, and nobody even believes it's him, until he laughs that zany horselaugh and everyone is sold!  Until the cream ends up turning everyone's faces maroon and one would think it's curses for Screech and Zack (obviously Zack is handling the "marketing") until they realize that Bayside's colors are gray and maroon, so it's a display of school spirit, not bad skin!

I KNOW this is all correct, but let's just check in with the webs to be sure...

Charlie "Craterface" Coburn
Charlie was nicknamed "Craterface" because his face apparently was covered with acne (but not shown that way in any episodes). He was used by Zack to demonstrate a miracle blemish cream that Screech had accidentally invented in Chemistry class. As he was famous around Bayside for his extraordinary acne, he was a shining endorsement for the cream when it completely cleared up his face; so much so, that the school didn't believe it was really him. So Charlie performed his trademark chuckle as proof it was really him.

ALSO, his episode was called "Cream for a Day", which is obviously a reference to the other plotline of the episode, which was Kelly being voted Homecoming Queen.  I assume you knew that, however.

Okay, so who played Craterface?  What is his deal?  Is he real?  Let's find out...

His name is Scott Fults.  HE WAS 28 YEARS OLD WHEN HE PLAYED CRATERFACE.  He was also on 90210 once in an episode I don't remember and also once on Growing Pains.  Snooze.  Well, his name on Growing Pains was Leo Limetongue, so FINE, that is sort of awesome, but HMPH.  I'm disappointed.  There is enough information out there to make him a total NOT mystery and yet the information available is wicked boring. 

At least this picture exists:
In sum, my fellow Americans, I am entirely unexceptional. I apologize for your boredom and promise next SBTB Thursday will include someone much funnier and more ridiculous.

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