Here we go again...

Latest traffic sources to "Sleep is So 2009"*
  • worst duck face         
  • screech,s robot from saved by the bell
  • gossip girl towel on her head         
  • big picture of dj tanner
  • duck face cleavage cartoon picture 
  • geekburger 
  • locker room naked
If you were the one who entered these to get here, again, I implore you to reveal yourself, as you are much, much more interesting than I am.

I think my favorite HAS to be "geekburger".  Note: you are ALL geekburgers with cheese.

*The funny ones.  There were boring ones, but who cares about those?

1 comment:

  1. Whoever searched "locker room naked" deserves to read a Mommy blog instead of whatever they were looking for.