Okay, all better!

  • Coke Zero in hand.
  • Rudolph is on tonight.
  • I DVRed one of my all-time favorite Lifetime Christmas movies, A Boyfriend for Christmas, starring Kelli Williams, who I am randomly in love with, and will be watching it tonight while consuming boxed macaroni and cheese.  MAYBE some wine, but only because Bink likes it.

All I can picture her saying is "Do yoooooooooooou want this??"

  • Christmas shopping is done. 
  • Leaving EAAAARLY Friday morning for Los Angeles to share in my best friend's wedding.  When I went to her bachelorette (where I met Weird Al, please see below), I brought them a bag of Dunkin Donuts grody donuts because there are no Dunkin's in LA.  This time, I may bring them another taste of home in the form of clam chowder.  Ew, kidding!  Can you imagine clam chowder on a plane?  SIIIIIIICK.
    • Side note: when I was in college, I lived in London for a semester.  We went to Scotland for a   weekend and they served salmon sandwiches on a teeny plane and everyone smelled like salmon sandwiches for the rest of their lives.  Or until they showered.
  • I forgot my gym clothes today. 
  • Phew.  All better now.  I hate being in a mood.  It's like when Stephanie had to get glasses and she was all bummed about it, and then Urkel came in and made everything all better.  Yes.  EXACTLY like that. 
  • OMG that room. To die.

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