How Dunkin Donuts Crushed My Spirit Before 8:45 AM, A Love Story...

Fine, it's not.

Okay, who else hates when this happens?  Your train gets in early and you think "Ooh, I love iced tea from Dunkin Donuts, I think I will go to the Dunkin in the train station because I'm right here, and get a delicious iced tea and be on my merry way!!"
How it SHOULD have been.

And then you go to the Dunkin Donuts in the train station, and the people waiting in line are more hideous than those at the DMV (what is it about the DMV?  You walk in Kate Middleton and as soon as you pass through the door you become Carrot Top) AND meaner.  You order your iced tea, and the girl making your iced tea cannot figure it out and says "Who orders iced tea?!" in a crazy voice and the other people waiting in line for their breakfast sandwiches give you meanface until you move behind them because they were there first even though as soon as you shamefacedly make your way to the back, crazy lady starts screaming "iced tea!" and you have to go back to the front, try to look haughty, but then you remember you probably also look like Carrot Top or a reasonably ugly facsimile and have to run away.

How it was.
So that's how my day is going.

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  1. That girl is crazy. Iced tea is the most delicious beverage on the planet. Who DOESN'T order iced tea is the better question. Next time that happens, you hold your head high and say, "TB likes it too!". That'll show 'em.