Triannual Breakdown

I can sense that it is coming.

Did you read Tina Fey's Bossypants?  If not, do it.  It is hysterical and I still have my "Growing up and Liking It" pamphlet from lady-parts day in fifth grade, same one she talked about.  I digress.  In her book, she describes this, and I can sense mine coming on.  Mine are probably more frequent, as I don't have a Tina Fey-esque cool job, but it's the same sort of thing.

I can tell it is coming because this song came on just now, and I was literally doubled-over at my desk, sobbing.  When I was pregnant, I was sick all the time, the whole time, and crying ALL the time.  This song put me over the edge and obviously I listened to it nonstop.  Note: I am aware that this is Taylor Swift.

So everyone look out.  I am seriously losing it.  Now everyone let's talk about how this happens to you as well so I don't feel like I have to go back to my therapist.

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  1. Jut read bossypants myself and could relate to almost all of the nerdy little girl stuff. I have noticed that my previously sometimes emptional self, now that I am a mom, is now my ALWAYS emotional self. It got so bad after J was born when his newborn shots went up on the photographer's site, I couldn't listen to the background music while viewing them, it was SUCH a touching song I would cry nonstop. I think the hormones after pregnancy just linger and contribute to what you are talking about, at least that is how I feel about it.

    If you want a good cry, try NOT to cry listening to this song: http://www.michellemcclafferty.com/site/#/home/

    Dare you :)