OMG busy.

Okay, so there are a few things we can discuss, and then I have to get back to being an office monkey.  That's what I do.  You didn't know?  Oh.  Well, there you go.

First, WHEN do babies stop getting teeth?  Bink should have like 57480 by now, but I think MAYBE she has ten.  Tops.  I'm tired of this whole not-sleeping and sad baby thing.  I was discussing with my friend today (Hi, S) that if babies were born with full sets of teeth, it would be much easier, but then it would be like this commercial, and no thanks.

I started reading the book "Healthy Child, Healthy World" and it has changed my life.  I already threw out all of my toxic, chemical, Bink-ruining items and bought a haul of earth-friendly, weird items like Borax and now none of us will ever die.  You're welcome.  What I am taking from this book is that it's easy to make little changes that improve your health and the environment you live in.  Like, I'm not going to stop going to McDonalds or using real make-up, come ON, but I am obsessed.  For now, anyway.  So we'll see.

Also, it was summer last week and today and yesterday were full on winter.  Um, I signed up for not this.  I want to wear my sandals.  Can anyone do anything about this?  I bought Bink sandals and they look so sad in their little box.  They just want to be loved.

And finally, in an effort to increase my green-ness, I am drinking a full-fat Pepsi.  No fake sugar, bitches!

Yours in white distilled vinegar and baking soda,


  1. I'm busy too. But also, I just don't feel like blogging.

    If I read that book, I'd probably get so depressed, then obsessed, that I'd have to shoot myself. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. I guess I should stop sprinkling rat poison around The Kid's bed, but he really is afraid of rats (kidding) (not about him being afraid of rats, about the poison) (just in case you didn't get that).

  2. It's like a weird time right now, isn't it? It's warm, it's cold. Everything is boring. Nobody dances, and legs don't heal (that is from the funniest Will and Grace episode ever). And everyone is in a bad mood. Meh. The book gave me carte blanche to throw things away, which I really, really love. So we'll see how the "rest" of it goes. Mwah! xoxo