It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

Two weeks in a row, guys!  TWO weeks in a row!  Okay, so in honor of the beautiful weather we are having here in New England, let's call out an old fave that has nothing to do with the beautiful weather - Graham from cut day!

Okay, so Graham (I THINK that is his name) has a fleeting role in our series, but is the catalyst for one of the dumber plotlines.  Okay, so it's Cut Day (did anyone have those in high school?  I did not, but it may only have been that I was nerdy and not invited) and the whole gang is excited to do awesome things like go to the beach and movies and the Max, because these are things they NEVER do.  Anyway, blah blah Zack can't go because he has too many skips, but he makes a bet with Slater that he'll attend every "event".  I believe they bet a dirt bike and a leather jacket, but I could just be making that up.  Okay, so la la Slater and Kelly randomly fall in love for five minutes, stupid, and Jessie and Slater break up with no hard feelings and are probably going out in the next episode anyway.  But who is Graham, you ask?

Jessie, being the stellar student she is, does NOT cut school, and the only other kid in class is the dreamy Graham, who also happens to be a wackjob environmentalist who likes to chain himself to things.  As the day progresses, they stage an intense protest against the man delivering styrofoam cups to the cafeteria and... um, FINE, I forget what else, but they end up falling deeply in love, Jessie and Slater break up, Jessie and Graham go off together, and of course he is never seen or heard from again. 

Graham (played by David Kriegel) was a student who appeared during junior year. While he was never seen before or after the "Cut Day" episode, both Jessie and Zack seemed to have at least basic knowledge of who he is. He has progressive views that dovetailed with Jessie's, earning her attention when he pointed out that the U.S. has never had a female President while other countries have (he mentions Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir). During the Junior Cut Day, Jessie and Graham stayed behind in school to protest the delivery of a package of Styrofoam cups. It was Graham’s presence, and the fact that Slater saw her having fun hanging out with him, that led Jessie and Slater to consider dating other people.

Oh, Graham, you are so progressive and wise!  Thank GOD he talked about the US not having a female president, otherwise I would have never known.  So, who's David Kriegel?

OMG!!! He was one of the robbers in the 90210 episode when the Peachpit gets robbed and Brenda is there and has to go to therapy and think about ponies!  I am peeing my pants.
1,2,3,4 don't use plastic foam no more! Or I'll shoot ya!
Also, I need more new things to occupy my brainspace.

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  1. OK. Anybody that would dump Slater for Graham is clearly a nutjob! Slater > Graham.