Today is the greatest day I've ever known...

SO - big day.  Like, huge.  (say this like Julia in Pretty Woman, except change "mistake" for "day")

1. Papa Gino's is doing 50% off all orders again.  Because they love us.  And we love cheese pizza with extra sauce and buffalo fingers.  Promo code: 4798
2. And now the real deal - okay.  So I think I may have mentioned that I am involved with this really awesome new site that's starting to get a ton of buzz and momentum and I am so excited they are letting me do this, right?  Well, we're making moves, so if you love movies, or me, or being cool, you have to get in on this...

It's called MovieQuoter, and it's awesome.  We share our take on news and other goings-on in the world, and how it pertains to what is really important, movie quotes.  Take a look, follow us on Facebook, vote on our March Madness Movie Bracket, basically see how not-funny I am in comparison to the guys who really know what they're doing.  I'm telling you, they're awesome.

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