Friends 'Til the End, and why it is the best Lifetime movie ever

  1. It stars Shannen Doherty, Ron Livingston's not-famous brother, one of the London twins, and the wheelchair girl from Saved by the Bell (the one who says "love yourself, the rest will fall into place").
  2. Wheelchair girl's name in the movie is "Zan".
  3. Shannen Doherty plays a sorority girl with a charmed life.
  4. Mom jeans abound.
  5. Zan kills a guy from her past in a parking lot with a brick.  It takes MAYBE two hits.
  6. There is no reason for this movie to be titled "Friends 'Til the End."  It makes no sense.
  7. There is a random pregnancy scare for no reason.
  8. Zan's nervous breakdown at the end of the movie (spoiler alert!)
  9. Nobody can sing.
  10. Shannen Doherty in a rock band despite #9.
  11. They definitely thought they were going to be a famous band and sweep the nation, but then everyone saw these videos and Shannen had to start doing those commercials for online college.
Feast your eyes, lovelies...


  1. Lol. This is the greatest blog post ever!

    "Friends Til The End" is one of my fave Lifetime movies too. I've seen it a million times. But how in the WORLD did you make the connection Zan = SBTB Wheelchair Girl?!

    I totally would have died without ever knowing that if you didn't point it out just now.