Lifetime movies I started to watch but did not finish this weekend

1. Satan's School for Girls.  This one I watched all but the last few minutes of.  It stars Shannen Doherty and the guy who played Matt on 90210.  It is really bad and AWESOME.  Definitely watch this one.
2. Blue-Eyed Butcher.  This one stunk out loud.  The girl in it was also in that Lifetime movie that I am ALWAYS suckered into watching "The Party Never Stops", which is awful but I always forget. 
3. Solstice.  This one had Peyton from One Tree Hill in it.  I only saw like the first ten minutes.  Terrible. 

Oh, Lifetime, I love you.


  1. My favorite Lifetime movies are (in no particular order):

    She's Too Young
    The Pregnancy Pact
    The Client List
    Co-ed Call Girl
    A Friend To Die For (AKA Death of a Cheerleader)
    Friends Till the End

    Oh, and that one about the high school girl who meets a guy on the internet who turns her into an online porn worker.

    Now that I look at this list, it's no wonder I've always been so scared I'd have a daughter...

  2. OK. I totally watched "Blue-Eyed Butcher" and agree with you that it stunk. Except for the Nancy Grace cameos in it. Those rocked!

    BUT, I liked the movie that came-on right before it "While the Children Sleep". THAT one was great!



    Please be advised that Friends Til the End is my FAVORITE of all time. OMG. I am dying, as I did not think anyone else had seen this.

    Now, are you talking about 'The Boy she Met Online' or that weird one from Canada (please say this is the one you mean because I also love it but forget what it is called).

    I did NOT see 'While the Children Sleep' but obviously now I have to find it.

    Filling up the holes... need to fill the holes...

  4. Hm. I don't remember what the title was, but the guy was running a huge internet business with a room full of young girls and webcams.

    The best thing about Friends Til the End is that both girls are such TERRIBLE singers, and nobody seems to care! What's that all about??

  5. What are you TALKING about?! I am going to find the video for you and post it so you will see that they actually are really talented. Or I will find it and post it so we can watch it 54906 times and laugh at it. They were SO bad. Do you remember that when it came out, those guys were on a million talk shows and were like "Yes, we are going to be a real band now" but it never happened because they sucked.

    1. Uh, NO I don't remember that! That is hilarious!!

      I love your memory. If you didn't kill some brain cells every once in a while with booze, your brain would probably be hunted down by Illuminati agents (what? they exist) and destroyed. It's a-mah-zing.

  6. http://youtu.be/MAcAAIjTOOY FOUND IT!!!!

  7. OMG, all the videos from that movie are posted by Shannen Doherty super-fans. They get mad if someone points out how awful a singer she is. It's like bizarro world up in there.

  8. It's AMAZING. I am laughing so hard. We drink so we don't make people feel badly about how smart we are, right? Shannen for LIFE!!

  9. Sometimes I drink just so that I can relate to all the normal, stupid people in the world. Being gifted is such a burden. :)