Is decorating an apartment a waste?

Normally, I'm not hugely into home decor, but lately I've been on a kick and I'm dying to redo everything I own.  Trouble is, I'm in an apartment that I'll most likely be leaving this summer so the likelihood that all of the cool things I do will either be ruined or tossed in a move.  I guess I'll wait, but I am EXCITED.  Dude.  My house will be awesome.  For like 20 minutes at a time, until I get bored and want to watch TV.  You know what I mean.  But I  have big dreams and I am pumped.  No white walls, no sage green or cranberry anything, OMG I am SO excited.

Note: I had a triple latte and 2 fountain Mountain Dews today.  Not my fault!!  Bink was up all  night getting molars.  Her little gums look like steak.  Poor baby! 

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  1. I was never really into decorating my apartments, but then I decided to go for it and painted the whole dang thing. We moved six months later and had to paint everything white again. It was SO not worth it.

    I'm not really great at decorating anyway. I've had the same paint color on the walls (except for in The Kid's room) since we moved here almost 8 years ago. The only thing I ever really change out is my comforter, or if I paint a picture, I'll put it up. I'm probably so lazy about decorating because my house is small, so I don't have a lot of room for new stuff, but I also don't like nick-nacks or decorations that aren't functional.

    If you want to start decorating, maybe you could just start with things you can bring with you, like accent pillows, candle holders, mirrors--that sort of stuff. :)