Confession time...

Okay, so I feel like it is important to share with you something so awful that I will totally understand if you want to return your bestie necklace.  My latest obsession, and I've sort of mentioned it before, has become a full-blown mania.

I want Bink and I to dress alike.  Just ONCE, even.  And take a picture.  Like, a GOOD picture that I will frame and enlarge and force Husband to hang on the wall and then I'll pretend to be embarrassed by it but I really won't be, I will think it is the greatest thing in the world.  It is totally dumb and embarrassing but I find myself looking at multiple websites daily for the perfect outfit. 

For shame.

I thought this lady only had a show in Boston. Is she a national phenomenon?!

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  1. It's Mother Angelica!!! LOVE HER!!! You know, some people would call-in to her show just to be obscene and curse at her! How rude!