I'm so excited... I'm so excited... I'm so... PREG!

Jessie Spano is pregnant.  This baby could either be a politically-active, kind-of-slutty (we all KNOW what you did with Zack), curly-haired neurotic egghead (you cut to the core, Kelly Kapowski) or a straight-haired terrible dancer.  Oh, but she was an EXCELLENT dancer in the Miss Bayside episode - remember that?  She did that stupid interpretive dance about the caterpillar turning into the butterfly.  And she used that fake British accent that was delightfully ridiculous. 

I miss Saved by the Bell.


  1. I thought you were announcing that YOU were pregnant!

    Did I ever tell you that I once sat Elizabeth Berkley when I was a hostess in Santa Monica? She was unbelievably beautiful in person. Her eyes are the most gorgeous color of green I've ever seen.

    I miss Saved By The Bell too. These days, every kids show is about being famous or having super powers. They're setting our children up for a lifetime of disappointment. Really bugs me.

  2. Ha, no, not me. This is way more exciting, anyway :) NO!!! Shut up! Was she nice? PLEASE tell me she was nice. I will never be able to watch any of her Lifetimes again if she is mean in real life...

    Seriously. Remember Saturday mornings on NBC with all of those dumb, wholesome sitcoms? I miss those...

    1. FYI: Chase Hampton just tweeted to me. No big deal.

  3. She was nice! Very polite and smiles all around. You know who's awful, though? Martha Plimpton. I would have spat in her drink if I could have.

  4. I'd be mean too if I looked like Martha Plimpton. Must be miserable! Hehe...

  5. Thank goodness she is nice and pleasant. Martha Plimpton has no business being famous - Samantha Mathis should just have been in all her roles because they basically look the same but Samantha Mathis is pretty. Also, Samantha Mathis.