So Husband is taking little Bink to his homeland this weekend.  Without me.  So this means I have 24 hours of total and utter freedom.

I am doing the Oops, I Did it Again! dance. 

I will begin that I am ALREADY choked up about being away for one night.  But since I have not done one thing by myself this year, it is due.  So here is the plan:

  • Watch One Tree Hill on SoapNet whilst giving myself a mani-pedi that will actually not smudge because it will have time to dry. 
  • Make homemade mac and cheese.
  • Go to McDonalds.
  • Go to Brother's house.  My brother and I are the coolest and funnest in the world when we get together.  Here's why: we immediately start drinking whiskey.  This happened FAR more frequently in my younger, pre-Bink days, but this weekend, it is very much on.  We love whiskey like a fat kid loves cake, maybe even moreso, because when you drink your whiskey, you get really excited for things like cake and then eat a whole one. (Note: I am a Jack girl all the way, and Brother loves Jameson.  This works out even better because then there is no stealing.  Oh, and yes, we are in our thirties.)
  • In my head, we will also do many really cool and fun things that babies don't want to do, but I know that I will end up passing out within 2 hours and you know what, that's okay.   It's my booze-springa, and there are no rules.
  • Go home and eat more McDonalds.  If I haven't finished my homemade mac and cheese, I will then.  And maybe make more. 
  • Sleepsleepsleepsleep.
I am so excited I can't stand it.  Again, I am sad to leave Bink but if I don't spend these 24 hours away I will officially become a Lame Mom who has nothing going on outside of work and kids.  Probably I will also wear accessories and blowdry my hair. 

Oh, and buy houseplants for a greener living area.  WHAT.  Booze-springa has no rules!!!

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  1. That's a lot to fit in in 24 hours! Good luck and have the best time ever!