Last week I was not around due to some family stuff, but now I'm back... to let you know, I can really shake 'em down. (cue the Dirty Dancing)

Anyway, not much new here except for the gorgeous weather, which of course makes me even MORE obsessed with buying my first house (and last house.  I am NEVER MOVING AGAIN!) and generally being very excited about life. 

A few things...

1. Bink walks a little.  On Saturday we were hanging out (actually being total zombies because girlfriend was up for the day at 3 AM.  Stupid teeth!) and it was naptime and we were like "Bink, nap!" and she slooooowly and dramatically stood up and wobble-walked four steps, and then dramatically sank to the ground.  It was like watching a dog ride a bike - it didn't seem real! (Dogs can't ride bikes, guys).  It was CRAZY.  She did it a few more times over the weekend.  She's not a walker yet, but we're getting there.
2. I put out her warm-weather clothes.  I need to stop buying.  But everything is so CUTE!!
3. Took a long walk yesterday and looked at more houses.  I wanted to have a wine-walk, but forgot to pack it.
4. Totally sober St. Pat's, which is fine, I was too tired to party!  I did dramatically retell Husband the story of our meeting (like he didn't know) and he was again moved to nausea at the way his life turned out.  Sucka!!



  1. Hooray for Binks! In just a few more weeks, she'll be able to wine-walk WITH you! w00t! :o)

  2. Glad you're back! I always wonder where you go. It's so funny, because you'll be gone for a week and then you'll blog five times in one day. I've come to accept it, but I'd still like to see you more regularly! :)