Weird Al

He is the NICEST, COOLEST, best guy ever.  I was officially too scared to talk to Chris Elliot, but he was very nice to the people around him while I hid in the corner and was itchy.  Does anyone else get itchy when they are nervous?  Just me?  Cool... well... see ya!

(Note: when I studied in London in college, there was a lot of Charmed on TV.  Remember Charmed?  Anyway, there is this one episode where I swear this dialogue takes place:

Alyssa Milano and some random are standing outside by a truck, talking.  Shannen Doherty pops her mismatched eyes as if from nowhere....

SD: Hey, I'm going to get some gum, you guys want anything?
AM: No.
SD: Cool, well... see ya!

It had nothing to do with anything and it was awesome and I say it all the time.  Go on with the chlorophyll.)

So for reals, yo, Weird Al.  He's legit.  He's awesome.  And tall!  Who knew? 

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