It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

OMG who else is totally SWAMPED at work this week?  How do people do this all the time?!  My poor brain can't handle it.  So anyway, it's Thursday again and that of course means that we talk about random Saved by the Bell characters that flitted in and out of our lives as quickly as Jessie Spano during the Miss Bayside pageant when she is a caterpillar in a cocoon and then she emerges into a butterfly (say this in that dumb voice Jessie used when she wanted to be fancy, you know what I'm talking about).  Okay, who is it this week?  Obviously, it's Craig Strand.

Who on earth is Craig Strand, do you say?  Well, he's only Stacy Carosi's dreamy, actually preppy boyfriend from Yaaaallle... swoooooon.  He was like 587490 feet tall, and a terrible actor, and he comes to the beach club to give Stacy his pin WITHOUT EVEN WARNING HER even though she's been doin it and doin it and doin it well with Zack for weeks.  He says some dumb poem that Leon Carosi gets stars in his eyes over and there are some really tense moments when you don't know what's going to happen.  Or something.  Stacy ultimately dumps his ass and sends him back to New Haven and she is free to bone Zack's white jeans/khakis in peace. 

Like, I can't even...
What do the Internets say?  I'm sure the EXACT same thing.

Actually, it sort of does:
Craig Strand was Stacy Carosi’s preppy boyfriend from back east in Boston, a sophomore at Yale, who showed up at the beach club and interrupted Zack and Stacy’s fling, even giving Stacy his fraternity pin. Craig defeated Zack in an ATV race after bumping Zack's ATV on the last turn. Ultimately, Stacy sent Craig back home and confided her love for Zack.

But who is he?  Oh, he's searchable, friends (if you Google Craig Strand they REALLY want you to look for the Craigslist killer, don't be fooled!) and his name is Benjamin King.  It looks like he's been in one episode of every show that has ever been on television.  Seriously.  Look.  There isn't any cool trivia about him, like being The Beek's ex-sister-in-law, but at least he was on Party of Five.


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