Um, why didn't anyone tell me that only eating healthy food would cause starvation?  Because it DOES.  I talked about my Incentive Pants a while ago and wow, they still don't fit!  Ergo, it is time to take matters into my chubby, dimpled hands and start thinking like an Olsen twin.  Well, not REALLY, but, you know, really.  So I decided to forgo the yuck food yesterday and only eat healthy food (EXCEPT for the cookies last night, but honestly, it's not like a have to wear a bathing suit in front of my friends at Kathy Santoni's pool party, so I'm not going to that extreme) and I don't care what you say, I have diminished to waiflike proportions and cannot concentrate on anything but chili cheese fries from either Jack in the Box OR Texas Roadhouse.  I'm not picky.

Couple this with the fact that poor Bink has like 5849 little pointy toothlets poking out of her gums and is therefore not sleeping, I am a MESS.  I don't even know what pants I'm wearing today.  Am I wearing pants?  The world may never know...

Here is a picture that is awesome and funny.

Night, night... wait, it's 10:30 in the morning?  CRAP. 

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