Late to the party... again.

Often, I discover things WAY after they stop being cool.  One example: Justin Beiber.  I didn't REALIZE that "Baby" was the most awesome song ever until, like, August of this year.  It was worth the wait, as it is an awesome song, you should listen to it, this kid has what it takes, I think.  Oh, and have you heard of Pinterest?  I invented that, too.  I never watch the good shows until they are in syndication and then I pretend I invented them and, well, what I am about to share is no exception.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo.

Probably, like, ALL of you have read it, but I am reading it now and it is changing my life.  It has made me see that my true passion is blogging about current events, like my new favorite jeans (Levi's 505s are perfect for moms who have not lost their fatback yet), and despite the fact that my mom is my only follower, I like doing it, it makes me nicer to Husband, Bink and my friends and family, and basically is a nice way to unload about what's bugging me, why Saved by the Bell is awesome, and why it's unfair that I can't drink wine at work.  It helps me reach my dream.  Which is, of course, playing with Bink and wearing yoga pants all day, writing, and pounding grape while watching One Tree Hill reruns. 

Legit, Busy Phillips has been in all of the best shows ever made: Freaks and Geeks, Dawson and Cougartown. Why aren't we best friends?
Also, when is Cougartown coming back? 

Anyway, so eventually, I know I will be able to live out this dream.  After all, the universe is conspiring it to happen.  Read the book.

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  1. I guess I'm more behind-the-times than you are, because I have never heard of this life-changing book! I will put it on my Nook immediately and read it--let's be honest here--in a year or two, after I've read all the Chelsea Handler books and Portia Di Rossi's memoir about being anorexic.

    I will now follow you back, because I think we may be best friends. The Saved by the Bell post made me suspect it, but the Kathy Santoni reference sealed the deal. :)