Gym Avoidance and Gisele Stalking

That's what I did at lunch today.  I forgot my gym ID, which is basically akin to forgetting your gym shoes in eighth grade - you have to sit out in your Doc Marten's while everyone else does the President's Physical Fitness Challenge (aka the worst time of my life) so I did what any normal citizen would do - shop.  So I was walking around and looking at things that I can't afford when I get a text from a girlfriend whose husband works nearby.  HE saw Gisele at our Starbucks!  I ran over (picture Chariots of Fire with less cleavage) but alas, she was already gone.  I am so jealous, he sees EVERYONE famous and I never do.  I've got to plan my strategy better.

So drunk, so Jeff Goldblum-y... this is circa 2001 so don't get any funny ideas.
So that's that.  No gym and no Gisele.  But I was thinking as I goofily ran over, totally winded, that I would probably start being active and sporty like Gisele and I'd look like her in a few weeks.  I know.  I'm deluded.

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  1. Note: I am wearing a HORRIBLE choker-esque necklace that is 100% from Contempo Casuals and that shirt is definteily from there as well. It was 2001! Leave me alone! Even if it stopped being cool to shop at CC in the mid-90s, leave me alone.