Why am I totally obsessed with the fact that Jessica Simpson may or may not be pregnant?  I can't explain it but I need to know.  Like, five minutes ago.  I will admit that I owned some Newlyweds seasons (I don't anymore, I donated them somewhere and they probably immediately threw them out) and we're probably not friends anymore, but I just checked People.com for the second time today to see if it had been announced yet.

Totally owned this.
Okay, back to my hole.  What a weirdo!  I totally understand if you want to break up.  Oh, and also I only sort of half-realized that the baby wasn't Nick Lachey's and I don't know who her boyfriend is now.  Hm.  Maybe I don't care so much.  It would be REALLY cool if Nick and Jessica were having a baby. 

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  1. I miss that show. It's sad that they seemed so happy, but that the show itself was probably a huge contributing factor to their divorce. If only those to crazy kids could have worked it out.

    I don't think there's any doubt that she's pregnant. Have you seen this?: http://gawker.com/5852717/jessica-simpson-is-hugely-pregnant-why-wont-she-admit-it?tag=gossiproundup