And I'm sick.

Stay away.  I'm on a mission to expel the fluish/coldish/ebolaish virus from my person by 4 AM on Friday.  Any suggestions?  I've got Emergen-C, Theraflu, Ricola, and those fancy Puffs with Vicks (so as to remain picture perfect - vom).  I HAVE to be better by Friday, there is no other option.  Also, I have to work today and tomorrow and am really busy.

Okay, go.  I will leave you with this, so you take pity on me.  If I were a kitten, this is EXACTLY what I would look like right now.

I just want to feel better... can't you help me? (say this in adorable sad kitten voice)


  1. If you get Weird Al or Chris Elliot sick, we're FINISHED.

  2. I just realized that you posted this on Wednesday, and today is Friday. It just now showed up in my blogroll. I am very angry about this, because I was going to suggest echinacea pills and good 'ol ib profin. Did you get better? Are you in California? Did you sneeze on Chris Elliot? Oh, the suspense!!

    Maybe you can parlay your cold into a sexy rendition of "Eat it" or "White and Nerdy" for Weird Al.

  3. OMG you guys, I cannot even describe how amazing Weird Al was. Chris Elliot was super nice, but there was nothing on Weird Al. I actually had strep, so I pounded antibiotics and when I hugged Weird Al too tightly for anyone's own good, all he felt was the breadth of my sweet, sweet love.