A few odds and ends

1. My mom suggested I add "An Affair to Remember" to my movie list and she is correct, as I think my grandfather was exactly like Cary Grant.

= my Grandpa
2. Two more traffic sources: Dance Til Dawn 1988 and Cute Sloth.  I was really laughing at the latter until I realized that I put up a picture of a cute sloth and it's not THAT funny.  But sort of.
3. I am having an "off" week.  Is anyone else?

Is it because I have peed on you twice in two days?  Say it ain't so!
 4. Bink is full-on teething and hates us.  She also hates sleep.  The only thing she likes is Baby Tylenol.  So therefore the only thing I like is Baby Tylenol.  And I also feel like she is going to wake up one day with a full set of teeth like in that commercial for some random pet food.  And also, all teething "helpers" are a total sham.  Nothing works but Baby Tylenol.  We know it.

Gimme my Tylenol, woman.  And that shiny thing.
5. Hart of Dixie.  Everyone watch it.  It is sooo cheesy and wonderful and just keeps getting better. 

So I've got to get back to working my tail off, but some things to ponder.  Mostly watch Hart of Dixie.  Capisce?  Is that how you spell it?  I'm not Greek like Jesse Katsopolis but still use mobster-esque language anyway...

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