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So you know how on blogger you can see how people came across your site?  And how you check it all the time to see if anyone else is interested in the same things you are?  Like "Saved by the Bell Thursday"?  You know?  Well, prior to five minutes ago, all of the traffic has been "Bink's Mom" or something boring like that.  Until.


"DJ Tanner outfits"
Now THAT is a DJ Tanner outfit.

Someone searched "DJ Tanner outfits" and found me.  First of all, someone searched that, which is awesome unto itself, but then came here.

Whoever you are, dear friend, please reveal yourself.  We can be secret girlfriends like Stephanie and Duckface!
"You can be my 'everyone-knows-about-you' friend. Just stop making that stupid face."


  1. I'll bet it has to do with this post from a few days ago on Hello Giggles:


    Either that, or someone is going to have the most AWESOME Halloween costume EVER.

  2. This site is AWESOME. Where have you been all my life? TB you are changing me forever. Also, OMG, drug Stephanie was one of my favorite Stephanies...

  3. Did you read Jodi Sweetin's autobiography? It was kind of disappointing, since she didn't even talk about her giant breast implants, but there's lots about her meth addiction, and it's a quick read. ;)