I'll Make Love to You Tuesday

(I was on vacation.  More on that later.  Spoiler: nothing happened.  Yay!)

So it's Tuesday, and guess what?  I love THINGS.  So here are some things I love for I'll Make Love to You Tuesday. 

This one is live.  You're welcome.

1. This wine.  So nice and smooth, and I haaaate chardonnay.  White wine season will be over before we know it, so drink up:

2. A doormat.  Since the house stuff is moving along and we'll be moving next month, I am obsessed with all things decor BUT particularly obsessed with a doormat.  Probably because it's my first house?  Anyway, I can't find one that I love and it's driving me to drink (see above).
3. Rizzoli and Isles.  Can I have Maura's wardrobe, please?  Also, can I also have been Dawson's "older" girlfriend slash Pacey's sister?  Well, if I were Pacey's sister, then I couldn't marry him.  Hm.  This is tough.  No, I still want to be her.


4. Okay, STOP singing Shakira and download this song.  It is totally stupid yet awesome.  You know I have a soft spot for lame pop that makes me feel like I'm in college.  Oh, you don't?  Now you do:

5. Filling up tons of shopping carts online for bedding, rugs, curtains, etc., and then chickening out and not buying anything.  Since we're not moving for a month, I don't know if I should wait to buy stuff.  But I want to buy, buy, buy.  Like, what is the big deal to bite the bullet and purchase the West Elm duvet cover and matching sheers?  Oh, it isn't.  But for some reason I'm the Queen of England and nothing is perfect enough for me.  Seriously?  And this clock.  I think I really need it:


  1. Is that clock for sale somewhere? I want it. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that if I put it on one of my non-aqua/teal colored walls, it would just look old lady-ish. Will I have to paint a whole room to go with my clock? I don't know if I'm ready for that.

    Maybe I'll just let you buy the clock.

  2. It is, and it's super cheap - fredflare.com. This may mean that it is super cheap and ugly, but I think I will take the chance, because, yeah, I doubt my walls will be teal but it is SO cute.