Lifetime Movie Friday - Well, at least today - Her Final Fury

So we talk about awesome stuff like wine and babies and outfits, but let's get to the heart of the matter: TV.  Specifically, Lifetime TV.  We all like a good Lifetime movie, but who has the time to cull out all of the REALLY good ones?  Luckily, I am here to save you from wasting your time with non-Reba McIntyre dreck, and will pick out the best Lifetime movie I saw during the week, and since you know they repeat them 5489085 times, you will get to enjoy it as well.  So as to not spoil anything, and because I'm busy, I will only tell you about what happens up until the first commercial break. 

Today, we go with a classic.  Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Final Chapter, starring Meredith Baxter (no Burney).  Why no Burney?  It just doesn't feel right.  I know it's been like 49 years but I don't care.  ANYWAY, I am blogging about this in real time, so you get all the good stuff.

Look up Betty Broderick, because it's a true story and I don't feel like telling you what happened when you can easily Google it and get the real details that I would surely have just made up.  Okay, let's begin.

First, Kelli Williams is in it, and she's like sixteen with a permy-blunt cut.  Heaven.

Meredith is sporting her Family Ties platinum shag-bob, which makes me feel comfortable and safe.  Yet, since she just killed her husband, she is crying on a payphone, which makes me feel sad.  Go bake the random little brother brownies or something!  I need some calm Elise Keaton.  This is not going well.

There is acid wash and Cosby sweaters all over the place.  There is a guy who looks like Jerry Seinfeld, but it isn't him.  And also, he is a really bad actor and that is probably why this is the only movie he's ever been in.  Legit, he is dressed EXACTLY like a Seinfeld episode.

The other sister is a random girl I know I know from somewhere.  She has massive eyebrows and a deep side part.  Okay, a quick IMDB reference tells me she was in Ladybugs, a movie we all loved because of how cute Jonathan Brandis was.  He was SO cute.  Also, in real life, her name is Jandi for some or no reason.

Okay, first commercial break.  You know you love it.


  1. This marriage could have been saved by a key party.

  2. I have to see this movie. I have a deep-seated love for all things 80s. I was just thinking the other day how superior 80s movies are to modern cinema. I mean, honestly--why aren't we still seeing movies like Better off Dead and Ski Patrol being made these days? Probably because HD can't handle the awesomeness, that's why.

    I will set the DVR right away. Please keep this weekly feature, because I love and need it.

  3. Dear Mr. F - I thought of you this weekend because we were talking about how swingers are probably more prevalent than you think. But I did NOT reveal your true nature or desires :) T - you must. I watched more and it was so bad it was good. Really good.

  4. OK. We need to have a Lifetime Movie club. You know how Oprah had a book club? We'll pick ONE Lifetime movie that's coming up ahead of time, and we all watch it and then GOOF on it afterwards! w00t!

    I kinda did that on a small-scale on the FB when the Scott Peterson movie came out. SO MUCH FUN!