I'll Make Love to You Tuesday

There aren't THAT many versions of this song, but really, who cares because it's a classic.  Here's what I want to make love to today:

1. Deborah Lippmann polish in Prelude to a Kiss.  Trust me.  Giada nails - you know that perfect color Giada has on her nails on TV.  One coat and samesies.  I will say I got $10 off and wouldn't have bought it otherwise because it is expensive, but I love it.
It also gives you Giada's massive boobs.

2. Signing Bink up for gymnastics.  This should be hysterical.  Girlfriend is a tank, and overly friendly, and has so much energy and listens poorly.  A perfect mix!!!  We start the weekend after Labor Day and I will keep you posted.  What do these kids wear to gymnastics?  I guess this:

3. Cost Plus World Market.  Too bad the closest one is 6 hours away.  The online store is great and I will be decorating my entire house (eek, house, weird) with their stuff.  Seriously, it's awesome.  And so reasonable!!  This is my first favorite.  It's a pouf!  So necessary.
Mallard Green Knitted Pouf
Hello, lover.  Seriously.  We made out.
4. Labor Day.  I am very excited for Labor Day weekend because I am lazy and like days off and am excited to swim because I have a new bathing suit that actually HOLDS my boobs and I'm not flashing my father-in-law at every turn.  I think everyone will be happy about this.

5. MAC lipstick.  Last week I got these and am totally in love.  I am generally a gloss girl, but I feel like when I see myself in pictures, I'm totally washed out. 
MAC Viva Glam V

Lickable. LICKABLE.

Good to be Bad

Ruby Woo

So that's it for now.  Throw your clothes!  On the floor!!!  I wanna ta-ake my clo-othes off too-oo-oo...

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