Um, jeez...

House stuff is expensive!  Also, driving the Corolla all weekend makes me hate it and I want a new car.  But I don't know if that is going to be a priority, now that it has been discovered that Dora the Explorer mermaid dolls, well, exist, and now I have to buy them all for Bink.

Also, she accidentally socked me in the mouth last night and it hurt SO much that I started crying but then had to pretend I was laughing so she wouldn't feel badly.  She's so sensitive!  And has a right cross you wouldn't believe.


  1. I am repeatedly hit in the groin everytime I come home from work. I wish this were a joke, but its true. This happens because they charge from across the room for a hug and their heads are at the perfect height for maximum impact. I've developed a technique where I bend my knees and bend over a bit to soften the blow, but still my voice has gone up a half octave over the past 3 years.
    If that has not been painful enough, I made the mistake of letting the older ones watch Olympic boxing last week and now when I turn around I am getting punched in the buttocks by tiny fists. Turns out its great for tightening up the glutes.

  2. So true! I'm always thankful *knock on wood* that I haven't YET had to come in to work and explain to everyone how I got my black eye and/or broken nose. The baby did it. :o(