Is LITERALLY my least favorite song.  Top three least favorite songs:

1. Changes
2. Private Dancer
3. Under Pressure

I think 1 and 3 are David Bowie of some sort, right?

Anyway, like, EVERYTHING has changed and it's weirding me out.  I mean, I am VERY grateful because it's all WONDERFUL (and I LOVE CAPS) but it's still weird.  Really, I just want to move and throw things out, like crappy rugs and pack up dishware and all of that stuff, but there are still a few weeks to go.  So basically I'm just cleaning and chasing Bink around the house.  Oh, also?  She's a woman now.  When did that happen??

Also, we need a new car.  Probably some sort of SUV-item, which I am also furious about but apparently a 2000 Corolla with dents all over it doesn't last forever.  Or hold multiple theoretical kids.  FINE. 

And finally, for no reason, "America" by Neil Diamond is running through my head.  And now it's running through yours, too. 

TODAY!!!  Today!!!!  Today!!!


  1. Bink's a woman?? How long have you been gone???

  2. Fine. She is still one. But the other day she said to Husband, "Jesus, G! Watch the road!" so I feel like things are moving fast.