When We are Poor...

Well, not really, but with my very fabulous trip this weekend, where I did not fall asleep (seriously fall asleep, not pass out, I am boring) at 8:15 pm, and all of my Christmas shopping done, I am trying to cut back for a few weeks and enjoy the simpler (read: freer) things in life.  This weekend will be spent making Spritz cookies (finally, I've been bragging about them for 5489 years and still have yet to make them) and catching up on all of the Christmas DVR I've missed (does anyone remember The Christmas Toy?  Why do I?  I taped it last week and I totally remember it but don't remember it at all, does that make sense?  It's kind of creepy.  I will watch it again this weekend and let you know how it is.), which should be lowkey, but in addition I also went to the library today to grab some books and some music for Bink.

Now, I love the library, it is legit my favorite place in the world (EVEN moreso than the old Littlest Bar - look it up, you'll love it, too) but it drives me INSANE when this happens: a person goes up to the desk, asks for something they've placed on hold, and the person behind the desk, without fail, asks for his or her library card, and they panic and have to look for 456908 minutes to find it.  Dude.  You can't do anything at the library without first giving the librarian the library card.  TWO people in front of me did this today and I wanted to punch them in the neck.  And they didn't even owe me six hundred dollars (PLEASE tell me you get this Gap Girls reference!).

Anyway, I digress.  And to further digress, I present to you the greatest pictures of all time:

Please. Kelly and DJ were obviously the best ones, and should go bang-to-bang.

No way. The only thing they have in common is a love of bike shorts with skirts. But everyone did that, so whateva. Please.

Both annoying, both had secret boyfriends (Duckface and Gavin the environmentalist in the cut day episode) so this is about right. Also, they were both the worst ones.
So I got Bink some new music that hopefully doesn't make me want to poke my eardrums out.  Which is both painful AND makes you deafish - not Miss Simpson deaf, but I did it a few years ago and it was the worst, so I will let you know what I think, and if I like it, and if you should buy it.  Or take it out of the library for free.

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  1. *Hahaha* I so recognize the library card issue! Love your post and pictures!