It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday! (Yes, on Tuesday)

Can you believe it's Thursday again?  Already?  Even though it is Tuesday.  I firmly believe certain days are faster than others.  Tuesday, for example.  Lamest day of the week.  When I was a Big Sister, my Little Sister suggested we meet on Tuesdays so at least something good happened on such a crappy day.  She was the best.  Anway...

Today's righteous rando is none other than sweet little Penny Belding.  Penny Belding, you say?  But Mr. Belding and his wife Becky have a baby son, Zack, not a daughter!  Der, Penny is Mr. Belding's niece!  In from elsewhere (ha I forget where) on a weekend Kelly is celebrating her birthday at the Max and expects Zack to be her date, but Mr. B has other plans... in order to evade detention, suspension, or some equally horrible fate, Mr. Belding is willing to let the whole thing slide IF he takes Penny out when she comes to town.

What's a Preppy to do?!

Obviously, you pop Screech in a blondie wig, give him a fetching blazer, and have him take Penny out instead!

So Screech takes Penny out and it's a Taylor Swift video of romance and adorableness - this plan was perfect, Zack!  It can't possibly go wrong!!

Yeah, right!  Everyone knows that when Screech is involved, highjinks ensue, and this is no exception.  Screech brings Penny to the party, and when Kelly comes over to introduce herself, Penny gushes about her hot date, Zack!  And then we all remember the classic line: "He's so hot, he makes my teeth sweat."  And Kelly FLIPS and calls poor puny Penny (she is literally 3.5 feet tall) a "not nice girl" and before a full-on fight breaks out, all is revealed and then I don't remember what happens.  What?!  I probably last saw this episode in 1999.  Even though it IS a good one.

She's definitely thinking he's a tasty dish. HA!
  Let's see how the webs remember this one...

Penny Belding
Richard Belding’s niece. She was blonde and bubbly, but no one wanted to date her as she was related to the Principal.
During Zack’s sophomore year at Bayside, he earned himself a Saturday School detention. In order to be released from serving time and to be able to attend Kelly’s upcoming party, he signed a treaty with Mr. Belding agreeing to take Penny out on a date on Friday in lieu of serving his sentence. After making this agreement, Kelly informed Zack that her birthday party would also be that Friday, since the Max was booked on Saturday. In order to make Kelly’s party, Zack trained Screech to imitate him, so that he could take Penny out on the date instead; this worked out well because Penny was attracted to Screech, but she angered Kelly when she said that she was hot for “Zack,” thinking that was who Screech was.
She was played by actress Jodi Peterson, who also played Ben Seaver’s girlfriend, Laura Lynn, on Growing Pains.

Okay, they miss the many, many subtle nuances of what makes this episode awesome.  And they lie - Penny is totally from out of town, so nobody knows her.  And I love that they say "treaty", which I don't remember, but enjoy fully.  But who is Jodi Peterson?  I remember Laura Lynn, but I bet there is more. 

Annnd, there isn't.  She was in Growing Pains and SBTB, and like, that was it.  But really, if you hit those two shows, what else would you even be interested in doing?  I'd chuck it all and go work at the mall.  Or the Bayside High Bookstore.

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