Christmas Songs (fine, just one)

So Christmas music is now my favorite thing of all time.  In theory.  Right now I am listening to Pandora Christmas, and I hate, like, every song that's playing.  Sidenote: did you know The Kinks have a Christmas album?  I randomly love The Kinks the most.  Anyway, so I am suffering through this dreck just so I can hear The Song.  The One Song.  The Only Christmas Song I Like.  Actually, it is in my top five songs of all time, ever.  That is how much I love it.  I was out once and one of the people I was with paid the DJ $100 to play it.  What is it?

Christmas Wrapping, by the Waitresses.  Complete with the worst and creepiest video of all time.  OMG.

Now, here's the thing, and let me know if you agree: It doesn't count unless you hear it on the radio, randomly.  Like, I have this song on my iPod, but I don't count it because I can manipulate my iPod to play whatever I want, whenever I want.  On the radio (regular or streaming, whatever), it could be weeks before it came on when I was in the car, and if I did catch it, it was a major victory.  This is normal, right?  Like, the correct way to do this? 

ECCH... I've been listening for like 2 hours and NOTHING.  This is horsesh!t.

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