It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

Good morning, class!

Good morning, Miss Simpson!

I said, good morning, class!
Okay, I KNOW this is teeny, but I felt like it was too wordy right here and needed a little something.  Yes, this is a current picture that I took of my Michael Jackson Barbie and Heart Family Dad that I still own. 
Oh, yes, friends... it's that time... you know it's that time... (please tell me you are familiar with Lavonne and Barry Sagittarius from The State - either that or their $240 worth o'puddin... PLEASE?!)

Saved by the Bell Thursday!!  And today our totally terrific tertiary toots (what up thesaurus.com!) is our sweet little deaf teacher with a hankerin' for love stories, skateboarding and a bad back.  Here is what I remember:

Miss Simpson was randomly British and LOVED Shakespeare and totes deaf.  And when Kelly dropped Zack for Jeff the hot college man with the wandering eye, Miss Simpson TOTALLY burned them both by having them act out Romeo and Juliet on top of her desk. 

Oh, and in one episode she gets a hearing aid, but it's too hilariously sensitive and then she pulls it out! 

Please read the nonsense on the blackboard. What IS that?!
Okay, Interwebs, gimme whatcha got!

Mrs. Simpson was the nearly-deaf, British-accented teacher who taught English class. She also appeared at the beginning of junior year and embarrassed Kelly and Zack by referring to them as “Bayside’s Most Beloved Couple” just a short while after they broke up. She said she didn't like Zack, and once wore a hearing aid that she discarded because the titular bell caused painful sound waves to assault her. She also made an appearance in the pilot episode of The New Class. She was played by Pamela Kosh.

Titular.  Moving on.

Who is this Pamela Kosh?  Obviously I was right about everything, but who is the real woman??

Okay, so she starred in exactly one episode of every show ever, much like our dear friend Craig Strand aka I can't remember his real name, but she was in So Little Time (I don't care I loooooved this show - Olsen Twins for life!!) and Kirk.  Okay, let's talk about Kirk for a second.  Because I've never heard of this show before, and neither has my best friend, who works in TV now and whose coworker WORKED on this show and has a mug that says "Kirk, Season One" that we all want for ourselves and now this show has come up twice in three days.  Coincidence???  I don't know.  Probably not.

DJ's Brother.
Also, does anyone else feel funnier when they are full and caffeinated?  I had a latte this morning, but just housed a Kashi bar and a FULL FAT COKE (blaspheme!) and now I feel like a hundred bucks.


  1. I recognize that lady from everything, but I never knew her name. Weird how that happens.

    And YES on the caffeine thing! I has a sugar-free redbull for breakfast, and my twitter stream was on FIRE with awesome. Or, at least it felt that way. I don't know. Maybe I wasn't funny at all. I still feel pretty good though.

  2. Obviously it was even MORE hilarious and amazing than usual, as you are hilarious and amazing always. Also, everything is coming in twos... first the Kirk sitcom, and now Sugar-Free Redbull. There was a dreamy guy on the elevator this morning drinking one, and even though he was exactly one foot shorter than me (for reals), I was preoccupied. Sigh...

  3. You should start drinking it too, then next time you see him, he'll be all, "Oh! YOU like sugar-free redbull? What a coincidence! Too bad you're wearing that wedding band, or I'd push that emergency stop button and make sweet sweet love to you right here in this elevator."

    ...or at least, that's how it happens in my head.

  4. This is actually legit EXACTLY what I thought. HA!