Okay, full disclosure

I'm trying something new.

You are aware that I think I am French, non?  Ha, whateva.  Anyway, I chopped off my hair at the beginning of the summer, and I'm due for a cut.  However, it is WAY too short still and I want it to grow, like ten more inches, in addition to the bangs that seemed to have STOPPED GROWING COMPLETELY, so I am trying a new tack.

I'm washing my hair every other day now.  Well, starting today.  Meaning, I washed it yesterday and today in the shower I just rinsed and conditioned it. 

I feel GROSS.  But I think it will save my hair.  Does this actually work?  I'll keep you posted...

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  1. I only wash my hair every other day. Always have! Usually, it looks better on the second day. I don't put anything in it the second day, though, I just keep it dry.

    Are you still taking prenatal vitamins? Try that. I take those or hair, skin, and nails vitamins, and they help my hair to grow FAST. That in-between stage stinks. :-/