OMG, this wedding was not to be believed.  When I have some pictures where I have skinny arm, I will show you.  Highlights:
1. Jack in the Box.  HEAVEN.
2. Chili's - the only acceptable place to go for lunch when you are 50 miles from the Mexican border, right?
3. Wine, wine and more wine.
4. Getting one's hair and makeup done does wonders for the psyche.
5. It was colder in California than it was in New England this weekend.  I felt smug.  Not sure why.

Also, don't EVER fly American.  It is beyond terrible.  It had the best time for us to fly, but was such a disaster it would have been worth it to take a later flight or pay more.  SICK.

Also, who is ready to celebrate?  Husband got a new job!  Hooooooooooray!!

Also, Bink is starting to "talk".  Being 13 months old, this is not terribly surprising, but it IS terribly cute.  Here is what she is saying:
1. Dad
2. Hi
3. Bye
4. Tick tock
5. Good girl

It is the cutest ever.  I'll try to film it for you.

And I know I said "also" four times, but it was necessary.

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