Some good books...

Anyone?  I'm currently obsessed with Francoise Sagan (live it, love it, I'm telling you), but I feel like I keep picking duds out at the library.  No, I don't mean picking out cool outfits, I mean I keep accidentally getting boring books about deep water diving or other things I don't understand/care about.


Something like this, really, but that I haven't already read...

I'm actually not opposed to re-reading these, but they only take like 20 minutes to get through. Also, do NOT read Sweet Valley Confidential. It is NOT what you want to have happened happen.

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  1. Have you ever read Jemima J by Jane Greene? it's kind of silly, but I like it a lot. :)

    Tina Fey's autobiography was good, and if you haven't read the Chelsea Handler books, they're pretty awesome.