Okay, for realsies...


I have a friend who I just made who is awesome and fabulous and I would like to be her.  No joke.

This is what happens when you Google "Saved by the Bell jealous". You're welcome.
And today I found out that her husband is an amazingly talented artist (artisan?  I'm not sure the exact terminology, but once you see this stuff, you will forget about me for life and want to only be friends with them.) who makes gorgeous wood pieces that I am dying over.  I want all of it - what I got I am obsessed with.  You need to see this stuff and and buy it and people will be jealous of your awesome taste. 

Because I am computer-idiot I am posting this link, but if it doesn't work or you need more information, let me know, okay?  You WON'T be sorry (say this like Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites).

Click the link. It's better than My Sharona. Most things are.

Rain King Woods. OMG. You're welcome.

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  1. Oh geez... he IS really talented! How does he DO that?!