Why having feelings about snakes never gets you anywhere

Okay, so there is a snake living under a rock in our front yard.  Two eyes, not one.  Sinner!  That wasn't funny.  Anyway, obviously we are all terrified of snakes, which led to significant debate regarding whether or not anyone should like snakes.  Like, not be afraid of snakes.  Here are the arguments:

If you are afraid of snakes, that is normal.

If you are not afraid of snakes, that is dangerous, because then you would not be scared of a snake biting you and killing you.

If you are not afraid of snakes, then you are a creep who likes snakes.

You're welcome.

Okay, I was going to put a picture of a snake here, but all of them scared me.  So here are the Olsen twins.

How rude. And snakes.

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