I'll Make Love to You Tuesday

So I've imposed a shopping ban.  And everything in the world is cute and buyable.  So I may break that today, we will see.  Anyway, here are some awesome things you can buy or read or watch or listen to.

Body by Bethenny.  I bought this because they used to have it for free on OnDemand and they took it away and it only cost $8 and I am obsessed.  I HATE exercising but realize that it is very necessary and therefore I do this one.  Love it.

Don't hate it and it's doable, the only things I look for in exercise.
Maybelline The Falsies Flared Volum'Express mascara.  My first love is the Trish McEvoy tubie mascara, but it dries out within a few months and it costs $30 so a budget friendly version was in order.  This one, I love.  But you need to use eyemakeup remover to take it off and not look like a morning after hobag, even if that is what you are. 

Total drag queen lashes. Fabulous.
Animal prints for Bink.  So, I hate light pink and girly stuff.  Well, not entirely true but I hate dressing Bink in babyish clothes.  She is fun and flirty and should be dressed accordingly.  Fun and flirty!  Anyway, girlfriend's fall and winter wardrobe is comprised of hot pinks, reds, and animal prints.  It is SO cute.  GapKids has a ton of cute stuff, but of course I can't find anything online, and I got some fleeces from Old Navy and Kohls.  It all goes together in a Garanimals type of way, and it's super cute. 

Love this when it goes on super crazy sale. Because Bink grows WAY too fast for a $60 dress. I don't even wear $60 dresses.

One King's Lane.  They have sales!  And it's fabulous!  And it's awesome.  Seriously, I found some really cool stuff for Bink and Turkish towels for super cheap so I can be Gwyneth Paltrow.  Because all I truly want is to either be Paul Simon or Gwyneth Paltrow.  And click on this link and I'll get tons of cash:  BUY ME!!

Now for an honorable mention: The Mindy Project.  So the first episode was okay, the second one was funny, and the third one sucked.  I will continue to give her a chance, but I really hope it gets funnier, because I feel like that crazy nurse guy could be HILARIOUS.

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