I'll Make Love to You Tuesday

Throw your clothes!  On the floor!  I wanna ta-ake my clo-othes off, too-ooh-ooh...

So, we are moved.  Not all the way done, obviously, is this sort of thing ever done?  But we're living there, which is so nice.  Also, Bink has been getting up at 4:30 - thoughts?  Besides "that really sucks?"  I know.  But she loves it.  It's too bad my neighbors are probably calling CPS because last night, we went for a nice little walk on our street.  We live in a cul-de-sac and we were taking a little walk when our nature-loving Bink decides to get up close and personal with a bug on the sidewalk.  So lays flat on her face on said sidewalk and starts licking it.  Yes, licking it.  I say "We don't do that, let's get up!" and try to coax her onto her feet.  No dice.  Of course.  So, in an attempt to calmly get her up, I go to pick her up.  You know where this is going.  MELTDOWN CITY.  I am sure all of my neighbors are horrified and will take back the banana muffins they gave us last week. 

Onto the good stuff...

1. COSTCO.  Yeah, we joined this weekend.  And it was AMAAAAAAZING.  Kirkland brand for LIFE.  I bought three different kinds of macaroni and cheese and I am SO excited.  Also, their lotion is awesome - just the plain one - it's like $8 for two huge bottles and I am soft as a baby's cheek.  I don't like to say bottom, btw.

2. WineMcDonalds.  There is a building down the street from me that contains a McDonalds and a wine store.  There is a large opening in the middle of the store so you can easily go back and forth between.  It is the most wonderful place in the whole, wide world.  It's basically all I talk about to Husband and even he is like "yeah, it is pretty cool."  Because it is also SHADY as f@ck.  I am so in love it is not to be believed.  Probably I'll describe this place in more detail soon, because it definitely deserves it.

3. Skinny pants.  Seriously, where have they been all my life?  I am all hips and thighs and love loose tops and these make my life easy and wonderful in all areas.  Today (as well as the previous three days) I have been wearing my moleskin skinny pants from Banana from, like four years ago, and I cannot stop checking myself out.  I know, obnoxious, but I love them!

Okay, that's it for now.  Mwah.

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