Halloween Hipsters

There are people in my office today wearing costumes pretending they hate to be wearing a costume.  Do you know what I mean?  Like, either wear a costume and own it, or don't wear one.  Obvi.

So tonight is my first night in a real house with real trick-or-treaters.  Do you think they will be mad that I am giving out Mary Jane's and Bullseyes?

KIDDING.  Those are the worst candies ever after Circus Peanuts.  Yuck.  I am giving out awesome candy, of course, with a non-chocolate option for the allergic kids.  It will be a little hectic, as Bink and I are flying solo (working Husband) so I am going to take her around and then hand out candy.  Ambitious, I know, but I was treasurer of the German Club in high school, so we should be good.

Also, during the Sandy storm, I watched the episode where Joey gives it up to Pacey three times in a row.  That is all.

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  1. That was totally me at work yesterday! It's like, we work at the exact same place and now you're talking about me on your blog. :o)