I KNEW there was something else!

Two things.  Okay.  So this has been kind of a weird week.  Yesterday, to make myself feel better, I got a bagel at my favorite bagel place by my office.  Now, the bagel kid and I are good friends.  In "that" way.  Not really, I mean, we've never made out or anything, but he does give me extra pickles when I order sandwiches from there (they do breakfast AND lunch, heaven), so that is basically the same thing, or a further base.  So I order my bagel, and while he is toasting it, he flips on his beatbox, and BLASTS the song "Ass & Titties", from like 20 years ago.  This is a song that everyone knows and is obsessed with, but like, you don't ever hear it on the radio.  It's just something that gets passed along, like when Andrea and Steve went to exchange the egg on that 90210 episode where Emily Valentine drugs Brandon so they could do it?  Or he would dance?  I forget.  And don't care.

Anyway, he turns it up all the way, and I am dying laughing because it is so ridiculous, and the owner comes running out from the back and is like "TURN THAT DOWN!" because it is FILTHY, and the kid, not joking, says "I can't help that I'm a gangsta."  Like, there was no way he could have prevented the incident.  And he toasted my bagel extra dark, which is just how I like my bagels and men.  Um, what?  Anyway, it was the best thing ever and I wasn't sad anymore.

For your viewing pleasure.  I didn't watch this, so I really hope it isn't super dirty:

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  1. LOVE this story. And, the bagel kid should've totally told the owner : "I didn't choose the gangsta life. The gangsta life chose me." Seriously.