Decorating and Netflix

So now I am suburb-y, which means I am even lazier than I used to be, because I now only leave my town for work (dumb) - everything else is basically here.  I love suburbs!  I also love not living next door to a drug den, but that's another story.  Anyway, all I do is chase Bink around until she makes me go play in a different room (this happens at least once a day), decorate, and watch old Dawson's Creek episodes on Netflix.  If I had a cool phone or took nice pictures I would totally show you what we've got so far, but neither are happening so I will tell you that I just got this and it is extra cute:

I got it at a store in Portland, ME, but you can get it online, like, anywhere.

We have a playroom that we keep Bink's stuff and our decrepit couches in, which is fine because I don't care if they get destroyed, but I am trying to class it up a teeny bit.  But really, anywhere I am is the epitome of class.  Or something. 

Also, in our foyer, I forced my dad (what, he is good at it and I am NOT) to paint a card table that we had candy-apple red and I put down a black and white chevron rug with a sunburst mirror and it is bank.  Again, I have no pictures but this is the rug:
Alexa Chevron Vibe Zebra Black/ White Rug (4' x 5'7)
Cute and hides stains with its' busyness.  Busy-ness?
So decorating is super fun and my next purchase is going to be some sort of antler.  I married into a hunting family, so really, I'd like Husband to bag a deer (I think that is how fancy hunters say it, but probably not) and we could have a REAL head, but in the interim I'm looking for the fakies for our man-town living room.  

Tozai Rhinoceros Trophy Head
I like that this is a rhinoceros. That is all.
When I'm not doing this, I am watching season 3 of Dawson's Creek and holding out for when Pacey and Joey bone.  It is so, so good.  Like, as awesome as I remember it being in 1999.  And obviously I think I am Joey Potter.  Obviously.  Oh, Pacey... sigh...


  1. You can't be Joey Potter, because I am Joey Potter! Also, I'm on season five, so I win. :p It is my Everest, and I can almost see the summit.

  2. YAY! I love that you are Joey Potter, and you totally ARE, of course. Minxy is definitely Jen, btw. The final seasons are super painful, but you have to suffer through them to get to the series finale, which we all know is worth it 100%.

  3. Lol. I have never seen this show so I don't know who Jen or Joey or Pacey is. :o|