What is it you plan do with your one wild and precious life?

Do you guys know who Tucker Max is?  I guess he is famous, but I had not heard of him until I went to the library on Monday and found his book, "Hilarity Ensues."  I got it, obviously, because "hilarity ensues" is awesome.  Basically, it's about his drunken antics with his friends and girls.  I was kind of over the stories after a little while - if I were reading this at 23 I would have found it much cooler, I think - but he's a good writer and I did like how he was totally honest about stuff and how he just went for the life he wanted.  I'm a self-help book junkie (ONLY from the library, I never buy those books.  Actually, I very rarely buy books.  I love the library like a fat kid loves cake.  Or reading, if they are bookish.) and of course every book says that you have to pay attention to your life and what you are doing and how you are living it, and sometimes I think that I am doing exactly that, and other times I catch myself totally coasting.  Like, I should be using more of my brain and doing what I think I'm really good at instead of going on Facebook.  That's all very nice to SAY, but isn't it tough to actually DO it?  I think it is.  So maybe I'll start trying a little harder, doing the things that I really want to do - accomplishing goals and all of that.  But first I guess I'd have to really think about my goals, and do I want to share them?  Are they cheesy?  Is it better to put it out there or keep it to myself?  Stupid self-doubt.  I am also reading a book about raising a brave child (mostly I am reading this for myself - Bink so brave I cannot believe it) and it makes me see how I want to raise my child/ren (not preg), and while I'm doing a lot that I like, I definitely don't want to pass on any issues with self-doubt, or really, have any self-doubt of mine.  What if all of the negative things I think about myself aren't true?  What would happen if I wasn't scared? 

If I wasn't scared, probably I would do a lot of things.  Hm, maybe a bucket list isn't the worst thing in the world.  It's not like my dream is to do some sort of donkey show.  Ew.  Crass.  But why should anyone be embarrassed by their dreams and goals?  Why should anyone keep that to themselves?  I think I will think about this and make a list.  Everyone else make a list, too, okay?  Sounds good. 

This girl's art is awesome. I have a few of her pieces at home and they are my favorites.

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