I'll Make Love to you Tuesday... Trader Joe's Edition

Yes, it's Wednesday.  Anyway, a Trader's FINALLY opened about 1.4 miles from my house (house, dude that feels good to say) and I went.  And people apparently don't know how to act in "stores" because everyone in there was losing their minds 100%.  Like, guys, I know we don't have these, but it's still a grocery store.  Same rules apply.  So here are the best things I got... I am so hungry.

1. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  Um, yes.  Heaven.
2. Chipotle hummus.  It was, like, five cents.  Or $1.99.  Deeeeeelicious.  Or, delicioso, as Bink likes to say when she is excited and starts speaking random Spanish.
3. Case of cabernet sauvingnon.  It was CHEAP.  And again, delicioso.  That time, I was moved to Spanish.
4. Light coconut milk.  Ninety-nine cents!  It's, like $4 everywhere else. 
5. These brownie chip bars.  SO good.  Bink ate, like 3 at once.  I let her, because I am an awesome mom.  And also, drunk on cab.

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