Okay, how was the weekend?  Mine was busyish.  I will say that I cannot WAIT to get into this house.  I am sick of the apartment, and hate it the most.  But I do enjoy purchasing many, many items from Home Goods so it's not terrible or anything.  It will just be nice to be moved in.  Maybe, like, two more weeks?

Bink now thinks she invented gymnastics.  She loves it.  Last week she cried like someone was trying to steal her Dora doll or give her a hug.  Also, terrible twos.  Wow.  She's not two yet, but same diff.  She's a toughie.

Hallmark movies are better than Lifetime movies.  Well, sometimes.  This weekend on Hallmark there were, like, 5980 movies that were awesome.  They were wholesome and pure and really, really stupid and starred many Full House alumns like Gia, Stephanie's wild friend, and DJ Tanner.

Dinner.  Who makes dinner and who wants to help me with options?  I am in a RUT.  Keep buying groceries but never have anything to make or eat. 

And finally, this is the weirdest toy ever.  I really, really want to buy it.

Theo Klein Styling Head Career Toy
It's a Styling Head. Remember the awesome Barbie one of these?

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