OMG.  Rugs.  I need to get three rugs.  One for the dining room, one for the living room, and one for the foyer.  Do you say "foy-ay" like they do in Troop Beverly Hills?  Yeah, me, too.  Also, this weekend Troop Beverly Hills, Sound of Music and Super Troopers were on multiple times.  It was really annoying to have to do house stuff, because there isn't a tv there yet.  I digress...

So I need a 10x14 turquoise rug, an 8x10 gray chevron rug, and a cool blackish rug for the foy-ay because I have a candy-apple red table and sunburst mirror (from HOME DEPOT, which I will tell you about when I have recovered from) and that would look cool and slick.  For some reason, choosing these rugs has been impossibly torturous and terrible.  Like, harder than giving birth or watching an entire football game sans beer.

OH.  Cisco Brewers Pumple Drumkin is the best pumpkin beer ever because it is not too sweet and therefore you can have like ten of them.  Or two.  But I love pumpkin beer but after the first one I am always sweeted out, but it is not the case with these.  I don't know if these are local because Cisco is on Nantucket, but if you can get it they are worth a try.  UNLESS you like the really sweet pumpkin beer.  Then you will hate it and be mad at me, so don't try it.  Are we clear?

Also, look at how cute the little pumpkin man is!

So, I am buying the rugs on Overstock and don't try to give me any hip new websites to try, because I won't use them.  I'll look at them and love things but then go back to Overstock, it's just how it's going to be.  So look on Overstock if you want and tell me if you like anything.  And I'll obsess and not buy it. 

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