Um, I get ebola for a week and now everything is different.

How are we going to do Search Term Thursday?  I am stressed. 

Anyway, I have been gone because starting last Monday, I got "the bug".  I started feeling normal on Saturday.  That is many, many days of puking.  I don't even remember a lot of it.  But Bink didn't get it so PHEW.  All is okay with the world.  But that's why I've been gone.  I'm excited to read everyone else's stuff. 

This looks more like Wordpress, which I barely understand so now I feel even more dumber.  Anyway, let's talk about some Very Important Things.

1. Veronica Mars is now in syndication on Soapnet.
2. Bink's new catchphrase is "It cannot be!"
3. Seriously, that's all I've got.  I was SO sick!!
4. No, wait.  We went to this AWESOME little zoo this weekend and Bink was in heaven.  Her favorite was the llama.  She told everyone she met for the rest of the weekend that she met a llama.  She's not wrong.  And then we went to my beach house, which was awesome.  We got ice cream at the ice cream place and the boy scooping was nine.  No, he was.  He said.  He was VERY businesslike and professional, but unfortunately, they were out of jimmies.  Then the man in line behind us said "Your son is very large.  Is he three-plus?" and I tried not to laugh in his face, but may not have succeeded.  He was weird!  And Bink was wearing this:
Note the puffed sleeves!

Okay THAT is really it. 


  1. Does your Blogger dashboard look different?? Mine looks the same!

  2. If your dashboard looks like mine, here is a tutorial I wrote a while back on how to view your stats:


    If your dashboard looks different...then I hope I don't get it! ;)

  3. My dashboard is different and I hate it! :o(